RICO, an effective weapon against gangs

For decades mafia members nationwide trembled at hearing the word: RICO, an acronym for the Corrupt Organizations Act. It allows authorities to act, not only against the criminals, but against the leaders of their organizations.

The law’s effectiveness was tested at the federal level and can now be applied in Chicago a year after the state version was approved at the request of the State Attorney of Cook County, Anita Alvarez, who has begun to use it against members of the Black Souls gang and their bosses.

Alvarez, has said that she will continue applying it against other gangs where leaders send members to steal, rob and kill, and only their subordinates pay the consequences when they are arrested. Now, however, their bosses will also pay with jail time and higher sentences.

RICO can possible be the solution to the growth of murders in Chicago, attributed largely to gangs


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